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    I have an idea for an application that I would like to develop on multiple platforms. I have very basic knowledge in webOS programming as I just started reading up on it. However I have extensive knowledge and experience in HTML and Advertising.

    I am looking for someone in the Philadelphia area who is willing to talk shop and possibly work together on this idea. This is a joint venture op and would be paid via a % of sales accumulated from the apps, website and others.

    I am serious about this, and I am aware that iPhones are hated however we can't deny that they have the most users therefore an app that works on both platforms would be my goal.

    This might be the wrong forum for this so mods, please move if so.

    If you are in the area and think you might be interested in something like this then please PM me so we can discuss this further.

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    So apparently this isn't the forum to find programmers looking for work huh?
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