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    I just learned how to get a video converted to mp4 and saved on my phone in the icon labeled videos

    so now i have one video of my new born son that i would like to send as an attachment to my wife..

    i have the patch through preware that adds the ability to attach (send) audio and video files in the messaging application..

    but when i select a contact and insert the video this is what i get

    error...your device is full..delete files to cleap space


    what can i do to send video messages??
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    The same exact thing happened to me. how can we get by this
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    same thing here guys.

    Have you tried sending regular videos that you put on the pre from your computer? I haven't. Maybe it has something to do with the Precorder app.

    Also, when I go to attach the video, the file name is so long, I can't tell what it is unless i watch the video. The dang thang should scroll across so we can see what the name is!
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