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    Hi everybody. I love the Pre and I've installed a few homebrew apps and a bunch of tweaks. I have one issue that's annoying though. I've installed the 'Brightness Unlinked' app so that when I put the phone on the touchstone at night the screen will completely shut off. But, for some reason at random intervals throughout the night the phone will pop back out of sleep mode as though a notification has arrived (though none has). And after this rather than just falling back into sleep mode after 30 seconds the screen will stay on until I hit the power button and force it back to sleep.

    Last night every time I had woken up I saw that the phone had magically popped back out of sleep mode for no reason. And once I thought I caught a quick notification that said something about a 'java.' something error, though it disappeared before I could see what it was.

    So, ideally, I'd love to have the Pre on my touchstone with the screen off throughout the night. Has anyone else run into similar problems?

    Thanks for your help. LOVE this site!
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    Report this to the Brightness Unlinked developer. I'm positive this has to do with the Pre's charging specifications because what the phone does is charge to 100% (internal percentage) where it will discontinue charging (while displaying that it is in fact charging). Since the phone is not charging, it will dip down about 2% internally where the Pre will pick back up on charging. When this happens, it probably interferes with the "screen off" state.

    Refer to:
    Patch webOS Show Actual Battery Percentage - WebOS Internals

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    I thought it might have something to do with this app, but I also thought I've seen the screen, while on the touchstone, kick out from the clock back to the desktop when the app wasn't running at all. But thanks for the tip, I'll run it by the Brightness Unlinked developer.

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