Ok, so i believe it is well known that the WebOS browser has memory leaks. However, i think i found that the new orange + click then "open in new card" option seems to trigger a memory problem.

Many times, when trying to open a link in a new card, i have received the too many cards error so i decided to do a test. I browsed the web for a while and found a link i wanted to open in a new tab. Instead of orange + clicking it, I manually opened a new browser card to see if the phone would let me do so. I then closed the new browser card and tried to "open in new card" and got the too many cards error.

Further, after i get the error, i cannot open any other cards, no matter what they are, until i close all browser cards.

Has anyone else experienced this problem/can replicate this?
(by the way, it only seems to happen after browsing for a while to a number of sites.)