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    Ok, I knew our Symbols did not show up on other phones, however, they don't come across on anther Pre either? ***??? I just tried to text another Pre and the Symbols do not come through. So what are they for???
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    try an email...
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    Well, ok. I just can't believe they don't work in a text. I guess that is better than not at all. I just don't use email much anymore. Thanks.
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    What 'symbols' don't show up? The emoticons? Those show up for my for both sending & receiving just fine -as well as for my 4 friends that have Pre's
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    The symbols all depends on the type of phone your receiver has. Not all phones support them. Emoticons are universal however because they only consist of ":" and some commonly used key.

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    I was talking about like the 1/2 symbol, and that kind of symbols. I just thought if it is embedded in the rich text support, it should text from Pre to Pre. Thanks again...

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