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    hmm, wonder whats in this one. I was already updated with with the new 1.2. i just removed all patches now going through with update let you know if i notice anything when it is finished
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    said done with 1.2.1 update

    and gave me a website to go to for details but it was kinda a dead end to find any details!

    nothing i have noticed so far, if i do i will post
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    1.2.1 isn't new. It just fixed Itunes sync and exchange issues. Been out for a while.
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    Check articles from 10/3 for more info.
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    Funny I got this also, and I was already updated to 1.2.1 o_0. Its doing the update now. I wasn't awear of any update.
    Mabye 1.2.1 didn't install properly?

    Got it just now, btw.

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