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    I've never used android for a meaningful period of time so I'm wondering how well it compares to webos.

    I'd hate to jump ship from Palm only to find out I took a step backwards.
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    why dont you pick one up and see if you like it. I think you lucky folks have 30 days to decide if you like the phone or not.

    Im sure you could suspend the account with the android phone.
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    My brother in-law just got it today at bestbuy and it's a really good phone. What really surprise me was the browser, for example if you scroll up quick with pre sometime you get the checker background and get the little lag time. Didn't get that with the hero. I still love the pre and the muti task though. But this hero is really nice and quick. It's a serious phone with very little or no lag. Palm you better put webos on a diet.
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    You take apps out of the equation and you are left with Hardware and the OS. In my opinion both OS's are solid but I would give WebOS the nod due to more robust multitasking. Android has a couple of different hardware options but to the best of my knowledge the Sprint option does not have a physical keyboard which would be a deal breaker for me.
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    Android could be a great platform if they drop Htc, The software is good but the hardware is the biggest drawback.

    Apps should not even be a consideration as there are and will be more and more homebrew and official apps to come.

    You asked for our opinion so heres mine... WebOs on Palm > Android on Htc
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    what if, it's Android on then what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fredox19 View Post
    what if, it's Android on then what?
    Dual boot Heaven...
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    Android is a more open OS and the SDK is far superior. I suspect it will always have the edge in apps.
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    HTC has really hit a home run with the Hero. They've been notorious for having crappy hardware but the Hero feels and looks great.

    As it stands right now, I'd have to say WebOS > Android because many people see more potential in it (that's why you have many big companies developing apps for WebOS but not Android .. like DirecTV Superfan for example).

    However, just in the past week there has been a burst of Android handsets, before long it will be on every carrier in the US (whereas before it was just T-Mobile). It's already projected to be the #2 mobile OS in 2012 (iPhone #1).

    So ... I guess it boils down to what you personally prefer. I do have my eye on the Hero, but I love my Pre.

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