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    Just wanna have some privacy!! People always want to see the phone and wanna snoop thru the photos whenever they get a chance! Anyone know of a hack or patch to make it somewhat private other then the regular system lock??
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    Nope. Can't be done with the UI, although it's a great idea.
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    As of me writing this, this thread has been viewed 34 times.

    Am I the only one wondering what photos Obedy623 has on his Pre that need to be locked??


    Hmmm..... Can I get a copy?
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    Man I hate that too. My friend was playing with my phone and I caught her scrolling through my photos. My girlfriend also snoops through my photos. But she goes through everything else on my phone as well

    Why is it that when you give your phone to someone one of the first things they do is go through your pictures. Thank god for real cameras so there is no need for Pre usage
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    A lot of people are waiting for this. Check out this thread about it ------>
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    Take a self portrait of your *****. As soon as this is seen as the first pic then no-one will look any further.
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    That would be a good time to have a micro sd slot then you can have all them bad pictures on the card and pull it out the phone whenever you want! Well that's what I USE to do on my old phones
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    I would love this also!!

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