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    Hey guys. To get right to the point: I did an OTA update to 1.2.1 the other day, and since that time, my Pre:

    • displays the wrong time (1 hour behind)
    • doesn't receive inbound texts
    • doesn't receive inbound phone calls.

    I had previously updated to 1.2 with the keyboard patch installed, and had no problems with 1.2. When I updated to 1.2.1, the old keyboard patch (for 1.1) was still in there. So I assume that's the cause of my troubles, but I'm not certain.

    Sorry to start a new thread for this, but I searched for a bit and dug around the 1.2.1 bugs thread and couldn't find this exact situation.

    Can I get some recommendations for a fix? I know I could use webOS QuickInstall to remove the patch, but then how would I go about re-downloading and re-installing 1.2.1?

    Am I gonna have to Doctor this thing and lose all my non-Palm-Profile-backed-up info?

    Appreciate the help, guys. My Pre is basically a glorified web tablet right now.
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    You can try the WebOS Repair Utility, however your best bet is to WebOS Doctor it and just start over.

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