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    I write a blog mostly related to politics so forgive me if this comes off sounding like a blog.

    But having previously owned an iPhone I've come to realize I hate Apple and AT&T so I had always been looking for an alternative option, that being the Palm Pre. The Pre is the closest to the iPhone experience but comes with a full QWERTY. Which really sold me. I've always been an early adopter as I'm an Info Tech Mgr full-time so I love gadgets.

    I've been dying to try an Android phone ever since I heard Sprint was coming with the Hero. So I tried out T-Mobile's MyTouch 3G on a 20 day trial. The MyTouch has many of the same specs as the Sprint Hero. Specifically the processor.

    After about 7 days of using the phone I hated it. It was slow, laggy, froze often, and something was always crashing. Though it did multitask, it didn't do it very well. It became very sluggish and everything seemed like the waiting game. It has the same Qualcomm 528Mhz processor that HTC has been using in phones forever. I remember a ton of other non-Android (WinMo) HTC phones running on a 528Mhz Qualcomm processor. It didn't run quickly then and surely isn't now. I'm hoping the Sprint Hero will be a better experience as I will be using it on a trial basis as well. But I was always disappointed about going back to a touchscreen keyboard. That was a big gripe I had about the iPhone. That and AT&T double standards for apps like Slingplayer (where WinMo phones can do it, but iPhones aren't allowed to stream over 3G) then Apple's strict app approval process. Oh not to mention the fact that the iPhone isn't even unique anymore, everyone I know has an iPhone. I like pulling out something different, then ****tin' on their AT&T 3G network with Sprint's blazin' EVDO.

    But now Sprint announces a second Android phone at CTIA, the Samsung Moment. Which has a full QWERTY (woot) and an AMOLED screen with a 800Mhz processor. Which means I'll probably give up my Palm Pre for Android for the sheer fact at how customizable it is, and the fact that it's the only viable alternative to the iPhone and Pre and has a ton of apps unlike the Pre.

    So now we get to my point (yes I actually had a point here). I think Palm really screwed up by allowing themselves to fall behind in app development and deployment. Anyone that's used an iPhone knows that the Pre is the next best thing (if not better), the only problem is apps!! Apps make the phone really shine, well that is if you're looking for a phone that does more than just email, text, phone, and browse the web. Yes I know Apple had a head start and so did Android. But I think if Palm had really got down to business, wooed the top app developers (you know like the ones that Apple didn't approve, Google Voice, Sling, etc) went after devs who created cool apps for Android and Apple and brought them to the Pre in one big massive app release BEFORE Sprint announced two Android phones they could have raked up more sells. I haven't seen one big name in our app catalog yet. Hell most of the ones in the catalog are from our homebrewers (great job guys). But what happened to augmented reality (maybe a compass is required for that), Google Voice (though I love gDial Pro), Slingplayer, bar code scanner apps (sound dumb but useful), location-aware apps? We're so far behind. But recently I saw an article where Palm mentioned they were flooded with apps and the submissions were more than they expected. Well Palm, that was at least a week or two ago, you said you even hired 1 or 2 more people and we get maybe 1 or 2 apps every 2-3 days?

    Now I think Android on Sprint is going to really cripple sales of the Palm Pre. If the HTC Hero on Sprint doesn't do it, surely the Samsung Moment (with it's full QWERTY) just put the nail in the coffin. Not because WebOS isn't wonderful (because it is), not because the Pre sucks (because it doesn't). Palm has got to get the app situation under control. The homebrew community has far surpassed Palm at their own app development and deployment scene.

    Although I'm pretty positive I'm switching to Android, I'm not going to sell my Palm Pre yet, like I normally do when I switch phones. I feel like Palm might stick around for a while. I'm just concerned that Android (the other alternative to Apple and AT&T) might be hurting someone like Palm who has one phone model released, one carrier, and few apps (with even fewer useful, or cool apps). I also feel like developers are looking at developing where the users are, and clearly that's the iPhone and Android platforms.

    Just my two cents.
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    Not because WebOS isn't wonderful (because it is), not because the Pre sucks (because it doesn't). Palm has got to get the app situation under control.
    So bringing paid apps out and having a homebrew community isn't going to help? The SDK for Android has been out longer than a year. Give it some time people!
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    Your point is well taken however you seem to not get the fact that iPhone has had years on the Pre and Android has had many more months on the Pre. Just think about that for a moment and see if it makes sense. You just can't expect the Pre to have near as many apps as those phones. It has not been out long enough. This is why early adopters fail. They assume and expect to much to soon and base it off something that has been out far longer. It's unrealistic. I hope your blogs don't run with the same logic.
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    The point the OP was making that you both missed was the fact that Sprint is releasing 2 new phones with a OS that has many more apps, which in turn will be more appealing to consumers than the Pre. I have a good friend that works in a Sprint store at our local mall & told me that most people come in and pass over the Pre and decide to wait for the Hero or go with another phone just for that reason. He hasn't sold a Pre in weeks.
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    The other thing to keep in mind is that the Pre is only available on one carrier at the moment. Once it has wider distribution (which is coming shortly), things will change. Besides, WebOS does not have to be #1 in order to survive. If we are lucky, there will always be more than one mobile OS on the market.
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    The Android SDK was out a year and a bit before the WebOS was. Give it time....
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Most of you just reiterated what I said already. I know Android and iPhone have been out longer. I still feel like Palm is dragging their feed.

    I stay up on phones (latest news, blogs etc). Palm (per PreCentral) stated they were "overwhelmed with app submissions". Judging but the number of apps they release on a regular basis (actually it's not so regular) and the quality of the apps (I personally think homebrew apps have been the best), I don't see how they're "overwhelmed" when they're releasing an app or two per day.

    My point was Android is picking up steam quickly. It's become much more attractive especially given the Sprint HTC Hero (which I purchased and LOVE), and the Samsung Moment (Android phone with AMOLED display, 800Mhz processor, and full slide-out keyboard).

    I LOVE my Palm Pre. I think it sh1ts on the iPhone, but when it comes to apps I'm worried Palm won't be able to attract enough developers given it's small handset market share. Why develop for Palm when you could develop for Apple and Android. I wish it wasn't that way but it is.

    But again, I like WebOS (better than Android's interface) so I'm keeping my Palm Pre in hopes that in 6-months or even a year the apps will have exploded. But for now...I'm really loving my Hero and it's NOTHING like the T-Mobile MyTouch, I've actually had NO lag. Not sure why the MyTouch was so freakin' slow and laggy. When they're essentially the same hardware.

    Anyway it was just my two cents, I'm surprised I didn't start more of a flame war.
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    I still believe there are a slew of apps in queue waiting to be "approved". I say this because Pivotal Labs has said numerous times they have no idea when Palm is going to approve their paid Tweed app, so there's something else going on here.

    My fiance got the Hero the other day, it is a very fast phone with hardly any sluggish'ness at all! If it begins to bog down just open up task killer and kill all the open apps (since they never actually close when you close them).

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