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    Just yesterday my wifi stopped working. It will turn on but it won't find any wireless networks... it just keeps searching. I've never had a problem before. The Quick Test spits out a error code 25 - wifi hardware issue of some sort. I've read on these forums that the error code 25 doesn't necessarily mean faulty hardware, but in my case it does seem faulty.

    Does anyone know what this error code actually means? Has anyone else experienced this sudden loss of wifi?

    BTW, I've used webOS Doctor to reset my device and wifi is still broken.
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    Just as an update to my original post, I took my Pre into a service center today, they checked it out and concluded that it's a faulty phone and I'll be getting a new one (or maybe a refurb?) tomorrow.
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    So did they give you a referb or out of the box new? Just wondering because I have the same code 25, thankx have a good 1

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