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    I just updated to OS 1.2.1 and noticed that it undid my WebOS tweaks ( battery %, add/rem launcher pages), so I loaded WebOSinstaller and unchecked, then rechecked each box for the tweaks.
    When I was finished, I unplugged my phone and hit the launcher button. The launcher appeared, containing what seemed to be every app in my library, stacked on top of each other in one icon space. I restarted my phone and now:
    - my launcher is empty
    -my email app is empty
    -the "sprint" dropdown menu is unresponsive

    anyone else have this problem/ know a fix (other thanWebOSDoctor)?
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    i can't change my ringtone since the update, i had the local sprint store check their 3 pres there and they were all the same.
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    Hey I just had same thing happen to me i work at bell and did full erase and reinstall using the ##786# and lockcode method. did that twiceand reinstalled and signed into my existing profile well that loads the backed up info so that didnt work so i did it again and this time set up brand new profile and had to do the pre tour at the beginning and have no contacts or history or anything is ... so great right ,, problem is i click launcher i get blank page greyed out and only 1 page , completely blank i would like to run webdoctor but webos will not read phone anymore as being connected under any circumstances i have tried everything i think im S.O.L now but if anyone has any ideas let me know
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    WebOS Doctor it. Using it isn't that bad, trust me. Just make sure you backup your USB contents.

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    It wont connect to webos
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    Use WebOS QuickInstall
    click Tools>Tweaks
    open the "online repository" tab
    install the "emergency patch recovery" patch
    cross your fingers

    It worked for me, good luck

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