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    I think some people want to know why the whole external developers community is releasing more enhancements than the Palm side.

    A good company, such as Palm has a commitment to provide a high quality device. Part of the commitment is for a business phone. Part of that commitment is security. Part of that commitment is reliability.

    We are fortunate to have the Pre that works as well as it does. We are so jaded with it's reliability that we often fail to realize that it is very much in it's infant stage. There is still a lot of work to do to make it a great business phone. There is still a ton of work to do to make it a great personal phone. Palm has an excellent foundation and just flipping every switch to the "on" position would be irresponsible. Palm really does need to focus on the reliability and security to build a more solid product without messing up what they have already done.

    I think we are almost in zen state where Palm is doing their thing, the development community is doing their thing, and the Pre community is in harmony. Everyone is working towards the same goal which will benefit everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pardoe View Post
    The reason why palm wont give you all these things right away is so you have something that keeps you wanting more
    if you got a perfect phone right away
    then there wont be anything new or cool to add to it and your phone wont be any different than anybody elses
    so they keep you wanting more so you get all excited about the little things
    yes their is, i can already see my next Palm Pre 2.0 with 64GB of Mem and with some killer hardware.
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