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    Has anyone gotten the message that you have too many cards open when either one or no cards are open? Then nothing responds and you have to turn the phone off and then on...
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    I did once and had to just do a soft reset.
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    memory leaks...i had then once in a while in 1.1.0...after updating to 1.2.0 and now 1.2.1 i barely ever get them!

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    I have had 2 of those messages since 1.2, and had only two prior to 1.2. I've had the Pre since June 7. In all cases I only had one or two apps open; however, in all cases I had been viewing multiple pictures on one or more web sites, one at a time. I suspect the memory is not being managed properly when this type of task is done.
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    I just use Luna Manager and reset Luna. Fixes it for me without the long wait for a full reset.
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    I just recently have been getting them running 1.2.1 and its really giving me a headache. its random. It first happened last night and gave me an error of too many cards when i only had the phone app open. I did a reset and it worked fine until now. Again but this time its only when i open preware.

    my phone had been patched and tweaked, i also have a theme and all have been installed for a long time now, but i have never had this problem before
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    Testing a solution here -

    Please let me know if it works for you guys.

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