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    Do you have an idea for a homebrew application or patch?

    List it here and we'll see if we can match the need with a developer.

    consolidated list from following discussion

    1. SMS Group Distribution (Post #2)
    2. Palm Profile contacts to gMail (Post #3)
    3. Dictionary/Thesaurus (Post #4)
    4. International Space Station Tracker (Post #5)
    5. Input Method for Chinese (Post #6)
    6. Find My Pre (alert sound when ringer is off) (Post #7)
    7. Coach Tools (Post #8)
    8. Fantasy Football (Post #10)
    9. Call Recording / Voice Recording (Post #11)
    10. IRC Client (Post #12)
    11. Backup/Restores EVERYTHING (Post #12)
    12. VOIP (Post #13)
    13. Better Email (Post #13)
    14. Better Tasks (Post #13)
    15. Better Launcher (Post #13)
    16. Voice Dialing (Post #13)
    17. Facebook Poker by Zynga (Post #15)
    18. Call Log Search (Post #16)
    19. Assign Volume Buttons (Post #16 and #17)
    20. Disney World GPS Map (Post #18) (Current winner of "Unique & Useful Idea" award!)
    21. Bible Software (Post #19)
    22. Data on/off automatic toggle via email app (Post #25)
    23. Backup (Post #27)
    24. Photo Editor (Post #28)
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    The ability to send an SMS message to a group.

    The ability to define a group that can be used over or the ability to simply make an ad hoc group manually selecting names.

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    The ability to move the Palm Profile contacts to a gmail account - easily.

    There are instructions on the forum board on how to do this manually, but it seems rather involved.

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    A good dictionary/thesaurus, possibly with universal search abilities.

    $2 without universal search
    $5 with universal search
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    I'd pay up to 4.99 for an app that tracks the International Space Station. Something like this: Human Space Flight (HSF) - Orbital Tracking
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    a input method for chinese will be warmly welcome by a lot chinese palm fans.they are waiting for it for so long.
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    I don't know if any others are as forgetful as I am - but I am constantly placing my Pre somewhere and then can't find it. Either it falls between the cushions in the couch, is in my coat pocket, on the bathroom counter - the point is that I don't know where it is at. Now, if the ringer is turned on and volume up enough I can just call it. But often the ringer is turned off- so that doesn't work.

    Could an application be created in which I could simply send a special text message to my phone that would trigger the application that would then make some type of loud "HERE I AM" sound or play a MP3 at a loud volume level?

    I know that is possible since the ringer swtich doesn't have to disable music or notification sounds.

    And I have to think that I'm not the only one out there who sometimes has trouble misplacing his Pre...
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    Ok, so this would be for a pretty small group of people so maybe I will have to learn to make an app in the next year or so.....

    I would love some 'coach' oriented apps. I coach youth soccer and am on the club board. A practice planner (to break down the whole practice and refer to it during practice, better then a scrap paper and I could keep a record of practices better. maybe even add comments or 'star' a certain drill if it went well), roster manager (players with contact/parent info, attendance record, playing time record perhaps).

    I already have pdf's of 48 teams' rosters and game schedules as well, so that I have covered. The more the Pre can help me with soccer the better though. I woud envision these apps as being somewhat generic so they could be used for any sport, any level of youth coaching.

    So that's my dumb little request of some personal semi-dream apps.
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    I'm really surprised there's not more sports related apps.. NFL Mobile is probably the only one I've even seen so far..
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    Adding on to what the last guy said, maybe a fantasy football app where you can put your own players in and it will update the scores in real-time. You can check it on ESPN Mobile, but you have to keep hitting refresh. An App would be much easier.
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    Call recording app similar to the Palm OS app CallRec. This can automatically record phone conversations, use as a one touch voice recorder, etc. Also allow to backup recordings to PC and play them there.

    I'll add more as I think of them.
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    a nice IRC client
    Please post inquiries to the "Ask a Sprint rep" sticky on the CDMA North America forum.
    If my post was helpful please thank me!

    Linux/Palm Pre HELP can be found at:

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    1. An app that backs up and restores EVERYTHING on the Pre via USB (or better yet, WiFi) to a computer.

    2. A VOIP app that works via WiFi, at least.

    3. An email app similar to the PalmOS app Chatteremail.

    4. A better Tasks app.

    5. A launcher app with better/easier organization than the existing one.

    6. A voice dialing app.
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    I would like to see an app for Chase Bank, but I'm not sure if that would work out seeing Chase may have to have a hand in that and lastly I would like to see an app for the facebook poker game by Zynga.. Thanks for your time guys and gals!
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    would love to be able to search the call log by part of a number or state or date and time.
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    make a long-press of volume do something such as be the shift button so that you can copy one handed. Another application of long press could be to force a change in screen orientation. Another use for long pres could be during text where volume up and down could be shift or orange.

    make an option to allow closing the slider to end any call and answer any call by opening it.
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    Agree with windzilla - long press app/task shortcut assignments. (volume up, down and center button). That'll be awesome!
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    A Walt Disney World app. One that has the park maps, can tell you where you are via GPS, how to get to rides and attractions, where the nearest restrooms and restaurants are, etc.
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    A more full featured Bible program with multiple translations, etc, like Olive Tree Bible Software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahaxton View Post
    A Walt Disney World app. One that has the park maps, can tell you where you are via GPS, how to get to rides and attractions, where the nearest restrooms and restaurants are, etc.
    Interesting and very useful for everyone who visits Orlando. Would also be cool if you could use the original maps provided by WD...but this would throw up copyright infringement, etc... Either way, it would be interesting.

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