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    OK here's the situation. A few days ago I updated to WebOS 1.2.0. Then shortly thereafter I read that 1.2.1 was available so I installed that too.

    Then the next day the device claimed it had another update available and that it would take 15 minutes to install, so I said OK and waited patiently. After the update, I again received the confirmation screen informing me that 1.2.1 had been successfully installed. So I'm like why the hell did it think I needed that update . . . I already had that! I shrugged it off.

    Then I spent some quality time with Preware and got my Pre just the way I wanted and woke up this morning to see another update message. I didn't want to go through this update process again so I clicked the "Install Later" button (it was either that or "Install Now"). Since I was half sleep it really didn't hit me that in smaller text it said "Update will install on next charge" or something to that effect.

    So this morning, like every morning, I walk over to my desk, plop the sucker on the Touchstone and then BAM, the update starts installing, AGAIN!!!

    So at first I'm think that this is annoying. Then as the sleepy fog starts to clear in my head, I think oh sh!t!!! I didn't get the chance to uninstall my patches in Preware!!! So the system updates AGAIN, shows me it has successfully installed 1.2.1 AGAIN and I'm 15 minutes poorer.

    So I open Preware and sure enough, it thinks I have 30 or so patches installed and can't install them because it thinks they're installed nor can it remove them because they aren't actually installed.

    Any ideas on how to get Preware to reset itself and let me install these patches again????

    Any ideas on why my phone thinks it doesn't have 1.2.1 when it does????

    Sorry this message was kinda long.
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    same thing happened to me in the middle of the night and I already have 1.2.1 installed. To remove your patches from Preware before or after an OTA update, install the package Emergency Patch Recovery, reboot, then all your patches should be uninstalled properly (excluding Virtual Keyboard).
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    I experienced the same thing this morning. My Pre re-installed 1.2.1. I had no patches installed at the time so no harm I think but if my Pre is going to want to re-install 1.2.1 every day then this could be a problem.
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    same problem with mine. Anybody know why it's doing this??
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    I just had this happen also, I screwed up installing/uninstalling themes and have some icons that I have not been able to revert back to the originals. Hopefully reinstalling the update will take care of that so I am going to remove everything and reinstall the update. Anyone have any idea which patch/tweak is causing this?
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    Now I don't feel like the Lone Ranger. That's exactly what happened to me this morning. Except, somehow, my morning-addled brain remembered I had patches installed and I was able to remove them before letting the update go through. Guess I'll wait a day or two before putting patches back, just in case...
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    Just for thoroughness, here are the apps I had installed prior to 1.2.1 re-install:

    * Accuweather
    * Pandora
    * WHERE
    * Fandango
    * Classic
    * fileCoaster [Homebrew]
    * Sudoku!
    * Bubbles!
    * Blocked HB [Homebrew]
    * Topple Ball [Homebrew]
    * BlockDrop (admittedly, I "updated" the Homebrew version through the App Catalog at no cost... I did this out of curiosity before I had read that it would work. For now I am keeping it this way just to see how Palm corrects the issue. Promise to the developer: I will delete the app or pay for it soon).
    * RoamOnly Toggle [Homebrew]
    * My Tether [Homebrew]

    Any thoughts?

    EDIT: I mentioned this in a previous post, but I'd like to reiterate that I did not have any patches installed.
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    i am having the same issues with the webos reinstalling.. wonder why it is doing that. if u guys dont have preload i suggest u get it. u can get preload off preware.. it helps me alot go to the message board its all pre people
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    Try removing the package manager, if you have it, and do the update. Please tell me if this still happens after that.
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    ARGH!!!! Me too!!!! No patches! Grrrrr...........
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