i've been lurking the forums for a while now and am making my first thread do to my lack of knowledge. i updated my pre to 1.2 as soon as it came out and then i updated to 1.2.1. i was trying to use the new quick install to put back some of the tweaks i had. (since we were all told to remove the old before updateing). well, when i was trying to use the updated quick install it tried to install some patches on my phone and some errors occured that i'm unsure of what they are. someone told me to run webos dr and try it again.

now i have 2 problems, webos reinstalled but only loaded about 30 of my 600 contacts. it doesn't link to my palm profile correctly and when i try to add my contacts from facebook, it will not sign in.

i've already got a replacement coming but i'd like to know whats going on...maybe i can troubleshoot this and maybe some others have the same problem

thanks guys!