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    Now I can abandon iTunes syncing. Have the ability to stream podcasts on my phone is great! This is the premier application on the Pre for me.

    Do you think we'll see more streaming apps on the pre? Will Sprint allow them?
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    Nah its not that great, you can't download the files. And there is no video.

    Try DrPodder, its here in the Homebrew.

    It can stream and download podcasts and do audio and video and I haven't used iTunes for over a two months now.

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    I agree - Awesome!
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    You've been able to stream podcasts for quite awhile. Dr Podder, Mediafly and now Stitcher.
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    Can it stream radio stations?
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    Stitcher: Nice, but really weird and cumbersome if you want to listen to old episodes.

    DrPodder: My fave app of this sort as far as the interface and functionality goes, wish it were easier to add random podcasts without knowing addresses/etc.

    Mediafly: This is the one I am actually using, just because it is nice to manage on their site, works well enough (not as well as DrPodder), and is SUPER easy to find random podcasts of interest and listen/add them (including old episodes).

    If DrPodder and Mediafly had a baby... it would be an awesome podcasting app. :-P
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    How well do the bluetooth headphone controls respond?

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