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    I've been running a thread in a private forum about a big bug in the Palm Paid App Catalog. This allowed anyone who had the beta version of an app installed to get a free upgrade of my and many other apps. It also allowed for faking out the App Catalog to "upgrade" and app you never had.

    I submitted an attack of this type to Palm to show how it can be done. The Paid apps were pulled so that Palm isn't giving away copies for free. Not sure how many Word Whirls people got for free. Hopefully Palm will have a solution for that.

    They are currently looking at the proper solution. Chances are the Paid Catalog will be down for a little while.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    You know what's weird? I noticed it said I could update and it wouldn't pop up so I could choose to purchase, but then it would just stop and wouldn't update. So I got no free upgrades, which is fine because its worth the money. I simply uninstalled the apps that were now listed as pay and then reinstalled from the app catalog and it let me pay and everything worked. Now they're all gone, so hopefully they get this figured out.

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