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    Why do we need keyboard shortcuts for every mundane task in the web browser?

    I've had my Pre for over a week now (coming from a 3GS) and I love it but jesus christ, Palm needs to take another page from Apple's book when it comes to browsing.

    For example, I have to use two hands and ridiculously position my fingers over keys when I want to open a link in a new card. Why? Why can't I just hold down on the link and have the dialogue box pop up asking what my next action should be? Idiotic. I'm most frustrated by this because it really is so simple.

    Screencaptures too.

    Why can't I scroll in a text box? Let me double finger scroll (where my fingers start in the text box) to scroll down.

    I'm coming from the line of thought that I shouldn't need to pop out my keyboard everytime I want to do something besides click a link, as I prefer browsing in landscape view.

    Is anybody else feeling this way? I want to sound off and hopefully get Palm's attention so they can make adjustments. Let me know how you guys feel about this.
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    We didn't even have the contextual menu until 1.2. When features like this finally arrive they have quirks that drive you up the wall. The list is long.

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