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    gotta ask.. anyone heard when 1.2.1 is coming north. keep checking says phone is updated. and yes, i did check the version i have.. 1.2.
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    Did you try Bell Tech Support? What do they say?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Did you try Bell Tech Support? What do they say?

    i have not.. was on hold for about 20 minutes then hung up.. i guess i will have to try again thanks anyway..
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    Bell forwarded me to their Palm support number 1-866-219-7445. They basically said we have no information when the update will be available and are aware of the issues with exchange... fantastic. I'm considering WebOS doctor in the very near future.
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    No doubt there are some Bell centric things they need to workout before releasing it.
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    1.2.1 was available this morning, however, in my excitment to get my push email back I forgot to remove any of my tweaks before the upgrade! Everthing seemed to go fine, but my icons were back to the original graphics (I had it themed) and the launcher was 3x3.5 (from 4x4) All my programs work fine so I don't think it was a problem... yet.
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    and I installed and it fixed some issues that 1.2 gave me with email and txt msg...

    Just re-installing everything now - so far so good..

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