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    slot of people talking about 3D and its future on mobile devices. This company talks about its 3D software and iphone possibilities but also says it will be using adobe's flash. Maybe they didn't get the memo. Considering the comparison and talk about the Pre/Iphone being comparable in specs (hardware) is it possible we will see this one day on the Pre? They have beta testers so they say. Anyone heard of this company?
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    This seems to be using pre-processed images (ie, previously captured and stored images, like Google Street view). The iPhone apps that are doing this are using augmented reality (live images) through the device's camera. So that's one difference in the way this may be handled on the iPhone versus using Flash. The iPhone didn't get the augmented reality capability (well, not without hacking) until the release of the 3.1 SDK a few weeks ago.
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    WebOS still has no native video drivers to take advantage of the GPU with OpenGL ES support. Until that exists, any sort of serious 3D app is kind of out of the question.

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