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    I complained on various threads because I had very good battery life (12-16 hours only used about 60% battery with medium to heavy use) while using 1.04 with CPU-Scaling. But, when I put on 1.1, it plummeted to the point where it took 2-3 batteries in a day, to do what I could do previously with only part of 1.

    Then, I loaded a theme that I couldn't get rid of (iron man) and had to do a reload to remove it. With no time to add all my tweaks (add/delete new pages, hide nascar and nfl, battery %) and homebrew apps back on (all three loaders and a few different speed dial options I was testing), and no time to reconfigure CPU scaling, I went about my business with a lean and mean device.

    Over the next day or so, I noticed that my battery power was possibly better than it had ever been. Last night I still had 59% at midnight after being off the charger from about 8am on.

    So, I added my tweaks and homebrew apps back on (again, nothing fancy), did NOT reconfigure CPU-Scaling, and my phone dropped back to terrible battery life. I re-imaged it again, and it was back to good battery life.

    Since then, I have put nothing on except for craig's list and some weather app from the main Palm Pre store, and my batter life has been as good or better than my 755p ever was, and that was a workhorse.

    Does anyone have a list of the homebrew apps (including loaders) and tweaks, that cause battery power to plummet?


    p.s. If this is in the wrong place and gets moved, could someone PM me, so I know where to look? Thanks!
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    have been constantly adding removing apps and patches thru. homebrew, preware, and webos installer, really no problem other then if reception is bad then my battery goes down real quick, have every tweak and app i want at this time and am way over the limit some are saying the pre can hold, around 60 apps including some big ones.
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    I haven't noticed any homebrew apps that drain battery faster significantly, even the ones that use GPS seem to work on pace. Although I do close them as soon as I'm done, so I may not be the best person for this...
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    Anyone got any recommendations then, because if I load my stuff, I get terrible battery life.
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    I think it may be the fact that when you install tweaks, you use the phone more. Occum's razor.
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    Why dont you post back when you are done tweaking out your phone and have stopped checking for updates on Preware....
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    If you are using patches or apps that poll the battery, there have been instances where this could cause "more than normal" battery drain. The battery percentage tweak was one that I had problems with. I no longer use it and my battery seems a lot better since.
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    Can someone confirm this?
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    I think some tweaks I've had are running down my battery faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by navinag View Post
    Can someone confirm this?
    Confirm what? If it is the problem that I described, then I indeed confirm it.
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    I am asking if anyone else can confirm this...
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    Mw twin personality can also confirm
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    Seems like it would be easy enough to poll the battery a little less frequently to address any battery percentage tweak issue.

    Does anyone know if shutting off the GPS when not in use... helps extend the battery charge? (or at least if it's worth shutting off)

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