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    So i had a software fail on it. so i was did the erase on it and it didnt fix the problem so i did the wedosdoctor on it and now it will not start up. when i put the battery in it, it just has "palm" on the screen. it will flash after a minute and then do the same thing over and over.. I tryied to do the doctor again and the next button is not highlighted so i can click it. i deleted the doctor and reinstalled it and it still will not let me use it.. Does anyone know why it made my pre not work
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    Try holding the vol rocker up when putting the battery back in & starting up the phone. This should bring up a mode that will allow WebOS doctor to recognize your phone.
    Another note, do not plug your phone to your pc until WebOS doctor tells you to. Better safe than sorry.
    (Before you do this though, have to attempted to wait 5-10 minutes? When you first get your phone do you remember how long it took to boot? You should be expecting that amount of length if your phone is fresh off a wipe.)
    Also, maybe you can recall how much battery you had previous to your fiasco.. If it was near dead, you may have to let it charge for a while before attempting your doctoring..

    Good Luck!

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