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    so I plug my fone into a sound system w an aux cable unplug it or whatever maybe when the music was playing n later tried to answr a phonecall but I culdnt hear through the earpiece I had to use the speaker phone...I random hot the earpiece to work again I don't know what I did, now it back to the speakerphone...anyone have this happn or now how to fix it
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    sounds like it is stuck in headset mode try playing some more music with something plugged in and then shut off music before you unplug and then try it or if that does not work try plugging it in and out while playing music and see if that will get it out of headset mode
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    The switch in the earphone jack is sticky on the phone when it is new. This used to happen to me, but after using that jack port a few times it doesn't do it any more. Just plug and unplug the jack a few times. But remember if you are playing music while doing this the pre will not just jump over to the speaker from the head phones. After unplugging the headphones you have to hit the volume to get it start playing on the speaker. once you hear music from the speaker you are good.
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    Another thing to look at is the sound drop down box in the call screen. In the lower left corner of the screen, depending on what is connected, you'll have a drop down selector for each option. On mine, in the car, it's bluetooth speaker, phone and headphone. It should switch automatically though. (I like how it automatically routes a call to the BT speakerphone while music is going through the car stereo.)
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    it's definitely the jack. I just had the same problem, plug it and unplug a few times and it'll work again.
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    I am having the same issue. One method is correct as mentioned above, to just plug and unplug the headphones or aux cable, etc. Another way is to blow hard into the port and it should work... Does for me.
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    So I have this same issue but it's not related to the jack. I believe if you're having troubles with the jack, the phone will show the headphone picture and the word speaker in the bottom right hand during a call. Mine still shows the picture of the phone with the word speaker in the bottom right. If I plug in headphones, the picture of headphones pops up, if I pull them out, the phone image comes back but I cannot hear through the earpiece. The phone works fine in "speakerphone" mode though.

    I can only hear people if I squeeze the phone on the front and back where the earpiece is - and even then it's sporadic. Has anybody else had this issue?
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    i am having the same problem but i never used a headset or played music on earphones or house speakers or anything..

    i woke up saturday and i could not hear from my phone, just from i contacted sprint.......they were unhelpful......and i am getting my second refurb today..

    also, after reading these comments..i tried pressing hard on the part where yue hear the phone calls from and i noticed the volume came in and i slide the phone open and pressed hard again......and it came back....

    so now im deciding on whether to keep it or get the refurb....ohhh but wait the volume is gone again

    what should i do
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    I had the same problem and Palm determined it was a hardware problem and shipped me a new phone......The new one works fine

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