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    What is your Number One, top priority request for WebOS 1.3 -- the one thing you would tell Palm to focus on above all others if you had that power, the single feature or change you can hardly live without any longer?

    For me it is undoubtedly scalable App Limits. I have 7 GB of memory available on my phone, and yet I am not allowed to install any more apps without deleting the ones I've got. I'm not about to go and pay for new apps in the store when I can't even download the free ones I want.

    But I'm curious how many people feel the same, and what other features, etc you folks would choose before this one.
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    yes, agree this is the #1 problem
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    Ability to add Facebook chat/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo Instant Messaging.

    Adobe Flash.
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    The biggest has to be the calendar. When creating or changing an event there is no way to view the month. Only a scroll wheel for each day. Who in the H E double hockey sticks knows what day of the week it will be two weeks or 3 months, 16 days later. That is probably the biggest problem with the pre. Having to use another calendar ie google just to change an event is disgusting.
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    I really have 3 - the limits to downloadable apps (through App Catalog), no Voice Dial, and no way to search Calendar.
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    The ability to customise sounds for absolutely anything. Right now, a notification could be my battery is dying. It could be a text message. It could be a personal email. It could be a business email. It could be an email marked high priority. Could be a tweet or a notification from an app.

    I spend the whole damn day pulling the Pre out to see what the sound means. I have to pull it out at meetings, dinners, social events, red lights... constantly... just so that I'm not missing anything important. And let's face it... how many of these times are things really not that important. But when I can't HEAR the difference between a text and a personal email, I have to look!

    I would like to be able to set sounds for things so I can hear the difference between a personal and business email. How about I pick one sound for regular or low priority email, and another sound for a high priority email for that account, and I can do this for EACH ACCOUNT? I have 5 email accounts in my Palm. 3 are important. They all make the same sound.

    I'd like to pick sounds for text messages, and preferably custom for each contact. If I can customise the ring tone, let me customise the SMS. (The homebrew app someone made for this didn't work for me.) I'd like to pick a sound for system notifications like low battery, call dropped, or too many cards (which I sadly get a lot).

    And to app developers, don't just let me turn notifications on or off. Let me pick the sound. This goes especially for you, twitter apps and google voice apps. Or hey, Palm, give us a Sounds control panel that overrides those like Windows does. Any installed app... customise the notification sound. You can override that, I'd think.

    If Pre really wants to make me more efficient, then I have to stop constantly pulling it out to see what the message is. Remember that I had to hear it, react, pull it out of the case, and look... just in time to see the screen going dark. Please give me MORE time to view it before making the screen go dark again. I have to turn it on every time because I just missed the screen staying on.

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    #1 - App Limit
    #2 - Number of launcher pages
    #3 - Ability to change Notification & System sounds

    Yes, I know that there are apps and hacks that deal with 2 & 3 but these things should be native to the OS and not requiring hacking the system -- which then requires removing the hacks when an upgrade is to be installed. Then reinstalling, then ..... A phone like this is supposed to make our lives less complicated -- not more!
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    Video recording and/or voice memos.
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    I would agree with more space for apps 100%. You said it best, why pay for apps in the app store when you can't even have the free ones you want?
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    Better battery life. PERIOD.

    "We all follow the Chelsea!!!"
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    When i fwd an email the ability to decide what info i fwd.
    delete all of old email or even part of it. at this point we can only delete header info

    super important for people doing business with palm pre.
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    I have to agree with dtom about battery life. Here's my list:
    1. Battery life
    2. Voice dialing (my old Sanyo dumbphone had this)
    3. Faster, smoother & more responsive OS - esp when opening/using apps.

    Overall though, I <3 my Pre.
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    #1 -- Speed/Memory leaks

    This software was built from scratch specifically for mobile devices, correct? Then apps should load quickly and web pages should be snappy and scroll smoothly. However, I am receiving frequent "Sorry, too many cards" messages despite the fact I'm on a wireless network and I only have one card open (with no background apps). The Pre shouldn't go into a lag death roll because I hit a link from engadget or arstechnica. I don't know if this is a problem with memory leaks for apps or limitations with the processor, etc., but the device doesn't always feel as snappy/smooth as it should. This needs immediate attention; at times I just stop browsing out of frustration. Overall, I feel like the browser needs to be upgraded to address lag, memory allocation, etc.

    #2 Sounds

    I totally agree with what's been said. I should be able to have customized sounds to differentiate texts, emails, system alerts, etc. I could do it on a Razr I purchased in 2006, why can't I do it on the Pre.

    Overall, the Pre is a damn fine phone. If they keep improving the speed and add functionality and apps, it could be amazing.
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    1. video recording
    2. notification sounds
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    1. application limit
    2. speed/memory
    3. notification sounds
    4. battery management
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    Ability to turn the gawd darn screen off on the f'n Touchstone.
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    The screen lock comes on every time this phone sleeps after a minute and is very annoying. You have to unlock the screen to make a phone call. You have to unlock the screen to to shut the phone down. You have to unlock the screen to answer a phone call. That is unnecessary. I know you can open the slider, but there should be an option to enable or disable the screen lock function. This phone was supposed to be a time saver, this function for some is an inconvenience and a time waster. Also, for some the screen lock is not even needed. Especially, since this thing will power down after 1 minute, that is not going to be a big battery power loss. It also would be good if you would give us the opt. to tweak the functionality, so that we can decide when it comes on.


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    Email app changes -> Add "Mark all as Read", "Delete All", and "Empty Trash".

    Some of us still have POP3 accounts and the swiping every message out and having a trashcan with 3000 items in it is getting a little old. Definitely my number one.

    C'mon had it on the Treo and even Apple figured out that they needed to add this capability to the iPhone in one of the first iPhone patches. Get with it!

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    calendar search!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dtom2444 View Post
    Better battery life. PERIOD.
    Make it an exclamation point... my vote, by a landslide, is here as well...

    What's the point of being able to purchase apps (which seems like the #1 choice so far) if you don't have enough battery on the phone to run them... or download them... or even find it in the app catalog on your phone?
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