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    I would like to change my answer to call blocking, then battery life, then flash, then GPU.

    I see all but call blocking killing more battery life though.
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    My number one request would be video recording.
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    Definately the apps limit, and battery life
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    Visual Voice Mail!!
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    1. battery life
    2. get rid of lag / speed up boot time / overall system snappiness
    3. voice recorder
    4. video camera / upload to youtube
    5. calendar invitations - this is essential for business!
    6. system sounds / notifications - the same sound for everything is a bit ridiculous
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    Full desktop Outlook other software comes close as a PIM
    Rewrite the Calendar!
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    1. - Customizable Today screen
    2. - Video Recording
    3. - Voice Dialing/Voice Memos
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    1. Utilization of the GPU - want 3D games!
    2. Video recording
    3. Voice dialing
    4. Flash

    All the others listed are definitely needed, but most have been addressed via tweaks. (I know they should be included by default, but since I can fix them myself, I can wait...) The ones listed above do not have a homebrew solution yet, and would love to see them sooner rather than later.
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    1. Battery Life
    2. Video Recording/voice recording
    3. No lag in opening apps
    4. Digital VM
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    These ideas, while all well-intentioned, are not going to do much for WebOS in the long run.

    If Palm wants to be able to successfully compete with the likes of Androis, iPhone OS, and BBerry, this is the order of priority for webOS 1.3.0 changes:

    1. Speed
    2. Speed
    3. Speed
    4. Expand the SDK so people can write real apps for the os.

    If Palm doesn't figure out a way to make its phones run more quickly, all of the aforementioned feature requests everyone made will be a moot point. I love my Pre, but honestly, right now opening and closing apps and the responsiveness of the user interface overall (granted, some things like closing apps is very quick) is much slower than even the first generation Iphone.
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    Battery life
    Wired/wireless synching between native WebOS memos and Outlook Notes
    Messaging - while reading an email, pressing delete and having it open the next unread email (if there's a patch for this, please let me know).
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    Support for more messengers PLEASE! (MSN, Skype)
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    When I try to show off the Pre to my iPhone pals, they say that although they like it, it's too slow to open applications. I agree with them.
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    I think palm needs to focus on getting a real SDK out..

    Fix that issue and so many wonderful apps will start pouring in.

    I can live with the spotty battery life, and with recent patches coming out speed isn't really an issue for me anymore. Fair dinkum fixes the app catalog woes... All i really want is the damn SDK!!
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    1. faster OS updates period.

    Do not worry about error, because you take months for the updates and still have problems. Lets get moving. Palm is moving to slow with these updates.We should have updates at least twice a month. Period.
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    SPEED - interface speed, app loading, etc. I just want the thing to run faster, and THEN ill overclock it and wont have to give it back
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    I want copy and paste from the messaging app. The one main thing that my tytn did that I wish webos did. I used to copy convos that I had with my sons mom for records of what she said to use in court. All I had to do was copy it then paste it in my calender and bam done. Can't do this anymore and it blows, only thing close is taking screenshots but that doesn't help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mudotron View Post
    Most importantly for me are 1. VISUAL VOICE MAIL and 2. LIVE SEARCH. Those are the only things I miss about my old Instinct.
    Hecks Yeah.... Although google maps has done me well in place of live search.. cept for the typing and all... Which goes back to VOICE capabilities for the pre... and YES YES YES... VISUAL VOICE MAIL rocked...
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    I want to be able to turn on the screen with the button on the front of the slider instead of having to slide the phone open!
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    1. video recording
    2. full phone backup (including text messages, call log, etc.)
    3. Blinking LED notification
    4. Documented API's

    This is my first post but hopefully this thread is something the developers at palm take seriously.

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