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    Flash and video recording.. would be great...
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    I think biggest thing is lack of syncing software...$200 phone and you have to pay another company another $30 do do basic file transfers and contact syncing. What a joke Palm.
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    Stream wma for radio strations
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    is forwarding to much to ask of?
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    Ability to connect PC to the phone via bluetooth, same function as USB connection.
    VPN Client
    Windows compatible Remote Desktop client
    Option to choose screen always on/off while charing
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    all the features my treo 650 & centro had! + voice dial!(which it did come with a 30 day trial)
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    Faster startup/boot time

    If it wasn't so important to restart the Pre often, I would be more OK with the long boot time. It kills me every time I have to restart the phone to get into Dev Mode or restart Luna or if for some strange reason the Pre tells me I have too many cards open when I have no other cards open. It's not right when a computer running Vista boots up faster than my Pre.
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    Okay, from a programmers point of view :

    Support for .getPixel and .setPixel - that doesn't sound like much to Joe Public, but it will make a HUGE difference to the kind of apps that the homebrew community can create.

    Oh, and support for more Apple-Web-Kit effects.

    Maybe at some point, cache friendly (or even compiled) Javascript. This would make a huge difference to run times.

    Maybe I'm talking 1.4? or 2.0?

    Right now, Android, Apple and Windows Mobile are leaving WebOS back in the 1990's.

    Longer term... A Palm device with a screen the size of the i-Phone!!!!
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    GPU access in webOS

    oh and make it so I can view my damn grades on my college academic website, always did with my iphone and htc touch pro
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    Call Blocking! Call Blocking! Call Blocking!
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    My Number 1 request would be to allow speed dial without a pin. If you have frequently dialed numbers mapped to a key. say hold down "h" to call home. Than you should be able to use this without putting in a PIN.

    It could be a minor security hole so maybe make it an option, but I hate having to put in the pin for a call I make frequently.
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    Video recording
    Flash support
    support for diffrent ways to synce videos must etc...
    Notification management
    Not in that particular order.
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    Open the Calendar API. 20 years of experience in the PDA market should have taught them that different people want to interact with their scheduling data in different ways and one calendar app is NOT going to satisfy everyone. Third party developers must be allowed to access the calendar in a meaningful way, so that people who want to see Agenda views can see Agenda views, people who want to view by the month can view by the month, people who need multiple people's calendars can do that, and people who need to break their own calendar into many different event types have ways to do that as well. It's preposterous to think that a single solution will meet everyone's needs and Palm was very short sighted to lock out the API so that anyone could WRITE events but nobody could READ events except their own.

    Give developers the ability to write apps that can read the entire calendar so that users can access their schedule the way they want to please.
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    Battery life then Flash.

    No need in adding more features that are going to kill more battery life. Fix the Battery life problem and then add more features.
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    so true. why no camera?
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    Battery LIFE IS so HORRIBLE.........
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    I just read through the 8 pages. I don't think battery life is that bad. I can go one day of heavy use. I like having a thin phone, if I want more life I would get the extended battery. My list is:
    1. Fix the app space limit problem.
    2. Flash so I can watch netflix and hulu
    3. Video capture
    4. Support for a usb sync like my 700p
    5. Landscape support in all programs
    6. Native support for user customization like the preware patches (led notification' 4x4 menu, ect)
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    Flash would be nice.
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    - RDP client
    - SSH client
    - generic CalDAV support
    - USB/Bluetooth sync including tasks and memos

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