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    Mine in this order:
    App Limit
    Battery Life
    Notification/SMS tones by activity/contact
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    1. Battery life
    2. Voice dialing
    3. Video recorder
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    I agree. I was an iPhone freak. Now I switch to Palm Pre and see the potential that it has on iPhone if the video recorder could be added to the device camera without anyone up grading to a new device that is a step away from iPhone. I do like the graphics on it and see alot of the things that is missing. Wish that Apple would allow the pre to have access to the apps store. They really could make alot of money.
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    I don't own one yet, but from reading this list of problems (and there were plenty I was unaware of) I'm shocked that the Pre cannot handle custom sound notifications or Bluetooth file transfer. The battery I can understand, since you can always buy a second battery. The video recording I can understand, simply because I wouldn't use it.

    Forwarding of messages, custom sound notifications and bluetooth are surely the absolute basics for a mobile phone. I hope these are all fixed before long
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    Fix the damn Headphone/Speaker bug.

    Phone is practically useless now.
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    fix the browsers inability to properly read image maps... especially if you play travian.
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    #1 CalDav (non-Google) support
    #2 Visual Voicemail
    #3 Landscape mode in email
    #4 Fix the IMAP default folders problem with new accounts created in 1.2
    #5 Wirelessly sync music (maybe via an app using samba)
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    Video recording would be pretty high on my list. for anything really important I take a real camcorder, but it's nice to have, especially since my old Moto Razr had it.

    Volume increase/adjustments for speakerphone/earpiece speaker. I can barely hear what people say half the time.

    Application installation limit. This is obviously a big deal, which hopefully will be fixed....I hate partitions on regular computers, let alone a phone...they just cause problems as is the case here.

    Other than that I think the Pre is awesome and I'm glad I bought it.
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    1) Being able to invite attendees to calendar events
    2) adding msn, fB, and other chats to synergy
    3) forward text messages.

    (m105 => IIIxe => VIIx =>Tungsten T => i705 => Treo 600 => T-MO MDA => HTC Tytn = HTC Tilt & T-MO Dash => HTC TouchPro & HTC S740 => Palm Pre)
    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    1. video recording
    2. decent auto lock that locks after preset time limt and not right away
    3. customizable sounds
    4. msn/yahoo/ Skype support
    5. better music player/ easier to use
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    1) Hardware graphics acceleration
    2) Better APIs like microphone and accelerometer
    These two alone would make the Pre the best phone on the market by far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidT. View Post
    Ability to turn the gawd darn screen off on the f'n Touchstone.
    You can already do this. Put it on touchstone. After it shows as charging, press the off button till the screen pwrs down. shrug...I do it all the time.
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    A) Customizations to everything...including
    - themes
    - majority of tiny tweaks that Preware/QuickInstall has available... (4x4 icons, default month on calendar, date/time at top bar, %/colored battery icons, etc)

    B) More Synergy...everything up to and including MORE IM companies (LIVE, Yahoo, etc)

    C) Features....stuff we know the phone can do yet DOESN' video recording

    D) Memory management (this includes new models with more memory &/or SD cards as well as removal of the app limit, etc.) Yes I understand new models is a 'hardware thing'...

    E) Monitors for everything built into the OS....for battery life & apps to see what is sucking us dry on pwr, as well as which apps are memory pigs or leaking memory

    F) Faster response times....I pull my Pre out of sleep mode and start typing and it won't show the first few letters or it brings up a contact list that never fills...just stays blank until closed and reopened

    G) more intelligently designed apps/built for Example...the controls for a lot of programs are currently put directly on the bottom of the screen so that when notifications pop up, they shift everything up, then back down when I get rid of the notification or it goes into minimized mode...the lag makes turning off music players, etc. a pain in the **** as the controls shift up and down making touching them like hitting a moving target...not including the system lag.

    H) Actually update the OS API's to allow designers to create REAL games at least equivalent to the iPhone.

    I) Battery life would be great...but to be honest..I use a slightly extended battery. A more intelligent decision would be for Palm to simply sell 1500mhr models with bigger memory/SD card access AND design much larger batteries that wouldn't make the phone massive...

    J) Web Browser compliance..IMPROVE IT and Push that darn FLASH into the silly thing. I hate not being able to see all the web sites or videos,etc...because it doesnt support flash.

    K) Voice.....Add voice dialing...pretty soon won't be able to use a handset in the car unless its on bluetooth and I can't BT dial anything other than last number.

    But I don't think Palm even reads these forums so whats the point of even listing any 1.3....wish lists????
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    Get rid of the lag. You got rid of it in 1.2 and it came right back in 1.2.1.
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    just a response to all the battery life comments... I noticed if i turn off background data collection under location services my batter is 100% better! May wana try

    1. id like to see widgets!!
    2. official theme support
    3. camcorder
    4. built in file manager
    5. flash
    6. customized tone (sms/email etc) support
    7. Windows live/msn messenger

    and much more im sure lol
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    I'd like to see

    1. A responsive onscreen keyboard with dictionary replacement for misspellings
    2. Pause music when a call comes in (don't just mute it, I want the song to be in the same spot when I come back).
    3. Allow the notification button to power on the device (as a setting)
    4. Allow for an action on "double tapping" the notification button (like the iphone)

    Also, I'd like to see Palm incorporate all the tweaks into options for the phone itself. Would certainly make updates less "dangerous"
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    As a long time Palm User (3x, Treo 90, Treo 600, Treo 650, Centro, and Treo 755p) I really miss the basic Security Features found in the old Palm OS. I keep some private information on my phone, including Credit Card Numbers, PIN numbers, Bank Account numbers etc. In the past I was able to mark these records as "Private" which meant that no one could see these records unless I went to the "Security" application and unlocked it with my password. The Private label could be applied in many of the phone's features like memos, or contacts.
    I would love to see Palm or some independent developer address this issue soon.
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    Fix bluetooth. I'm seriously considering going to the Hero simply because 1.2 broke my bluetooth that WAS functioning properly.
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    who needs a smart phone if you cant do some type of EXCEL or WORD........this thing is worthless to me almost
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    1. Universal able to search notes in contacts and emails
    2. Notification customization
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