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    Faster web browser. I'm getting tired of viewing checkerboard screens.
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    all the features that a normal phone has......u cant ask for more.
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    Well I think it like this
    1. Get a program for PC that support Palm new os, that also support palm app
    2.Well fix the text ringer (but well there a app in preware for that)
    3 Internet(faster email client, better browser, and IM support)
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    Visual Voicemail
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    1. Visual Voicemail
    2. FWD/Reply email editing
    3. Changing sounds for different notifications
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    #1 notification sounds. My wife and I both have pre's and it's very frustrating when one of us gets a message or an email.
    #2 flash. But I hope they have a popup blocker
    #3 chuck norris....nuf said
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    1. Storage for Applications
    That's it. Love my Pre otherwise.
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    1. Real Calendar suitable for business users;
    2. Voice dialing;
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    1. Video Recording
    2. Ability for a call/voice recorder app

    The Treo 750 lacks this feature (2) since the phone and PDA functions are separate. The Palm OS phones can use apps like CallRec for call/video recording. Is that even possible on the Pre??

    Can someone answer this please?
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    I dont even have a Pre yet, and want all these fixed!

    Quote Originally Posted by sjamie View Post
    Here is what is important to me:

    1. Text message forwarding
    2. The ability to create contact distribution lists for emailing and texting
    3. Fully customizable alerts/notifications
    4. Snappier calendar interface & overall interface
    6. Voice dialing
    6. Video recording
    7. Ability to copy/paste ANY text
    8. True Universal Search
    9. Blinking LED for missed notifications (natively)
    10. Tap on a contact's address and be given the option to get directions via Google Maps OR SprintNav
    11. Visual Voicemail
    12. Customizable Snooze settings
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    Video = #1
    Faster opening to apps= #2
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    Id like to see a VKB! I love the Preware one! I want one thats from Palm so I can keep it forever!
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    Please adjust the volume level! I imagine this would be a quick fix. Its way too low to listen to my music.
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    Do you mean volume levels coming out of the speaker or through your headphones? If through the speaker, you don't want it much louder or you could blow the little speaker in there.
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    1, Deep google voice integration. I would like to be able to webdial with the native dialer, and have the Pre silence the ringer and automatically pick up the incoming call. I'd also like to be able to send/receive google voice sms messages through the native messaging app.

    2, 3D graphics API.
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    Definetly Battery Life !! it sucks to chargeur phone every day !!
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    Agree that searching calendar is important and better data entry into calendar (pull up a month view)

    app partition size issue
    battery life
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    Ability to send meeting invites from the device. How is this left out, seriously?
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    Quote Originally Posted by czeitner View Post
    1. Storage for Applications
    That's it. Love my Pre otherwise.
    this and visual voicemail
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    Quote Originally Posted by onionion View Post
    #1 -- Speed/Memory leaks

    This software was built from scratch specifically for mobile devices, correct? Then apps should load quickly and web pages should be snappy and scroll smoothly. However, I am receiving frequent "Sorry, too many cards" messages despite the fact I'm on a wireless network and I only have one card open (with no background apps). The Pre shouldn't go into a lag death roll because I hit a link from engadget or arstechnica. I don't know if this is a problem with memory leaks for apps or limitations with the processor, etc., but the device doesn't always feel as snappy/smooth as it should. This needs immediate attention; at times I just stop browsing out of frustration. Overall, I feel like the browser needs to be upgraded to address lag, memory allocation, etc.
    Overall, the Pre is a damn fine phone. If they keep improving the speed and add functionality and apps, it could be amazing.
    +1million This should be the #1 on there list period
    Getting really tire of memory leaks and lag.
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