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    phone keyboard to be quicker
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    I just want them to improve the speed on the overall phone!
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    I'm still confused why when the Pre is ON the touchstone its locked, but when you remove it, it auto unlocks... Doesn't make sense to me. Also, let me turn off the screen or at the very least the backlight.

    I think they need to make it more customizable for each user. Let people pick how many pages they have, how many rows they have, what the stupid center button does, when it lights up, things like that.

    Kind of OT, but i think thinking about the whole timeline with versions and i Thought most Major updates (1.x, 2.x, 3.x) were around a year. If that is the case then we would see a minor (x.1, x.2, x.3) every month or so. Also, that means every 3 or so days we should see a bug update (x.x.1, x.x.2, etc). Am i totally wrong on this?
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    Better battery life!
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    Quote Originally Posted by klbjr View Post
    #1. Palm collapses, forced to sell to a real company with the ability and resources to really give this phone what it needs!
    That's a MAJOR assumption that if someone bought Palm that they wouldn't just let the WebOS platorm die a slow death. I, for one, would like to keep my Pre for a bit longer, if possible.
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    visual voicemail
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    thats so f n true
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    GPU acceleration of the OS and native CPU scaling!!
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    For me:

    1. Voice dialing - like many others my old dumb phone did this.
    2. Application space; currently not a problem but it will be.
    3. An improvement in incoming phone call handling and speed. When a call comes in there can be lag in answering and connection. For a phone this should be instantaneous and the phone app should override everything.
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    I vote for visual voice mail also
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    Faster/more responsive OS and quicker app launching.
    Either a MUCH quicker media player (i don't care about album thumbnails, it's just window dressing) or start allowing the 3rd party media apps to appear in your store
    I can't complain about batt life. Honestly it's not been bad for me after breaking in the battery and setting things reasonably.
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    hardware video drivers, as in, make use of the nice GPU the Pre has. The Pre is severely limited in performance right now because of the use of software drivers. I bet we'll see much better load times and performance once Palm get on the ball with this.
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    Battery life. Period.
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    I know I was supposed to pick just one thing. Anyway here is my list
    Calender - Ability to view event colors in month view
    Voice Dialing - Ability to make calls with voice activation
    Text - Ability to edit & forward text messages
    Launcher - Ability to create more launcher pages
    Video - Ability to record videos
    Apps - Remove app limit
    Backup - Complete backup of all files, apps, etc.
    Sounds - Customizable alerts & notifications
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    In addition to about 80 percent of the above request (with the exception of those who want their PRE to be a motorboat instead of a smartphone) - how about the ability to change/adjust the FONT SIZE in emails and text messages for those of us who need a little bit of help without having to pull out the reading glasses.

    Oh yea, my vote for customizable alerts and notifications by type and by contact.
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    Schedules for major releases of products to not control the time lines for minor releases and certainly do not affect the speed at which they release bug fixes.
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    Most importantly for me are 1. VISUAL VOICE MAIL and 2. LIVE SEARCH. Those are the only things I miss about my old Instinct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mudotron View Post
    Most importantly for me are 1. VISUAL VOICE MAIL and 2. LIVE SEARCH. Those are the only things I miss about my old Instinct.
    You're right! I REALLY miss those two features from my Instinct!
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    Quote Originally Posted by balderson View Post
    Video recording and/or voice memos.
    agreed.. i miss having voice memos.. and once this is turned on we can have apps like Shazam.
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    Battery Life, and to be able to forward Text, and be able to edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents
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