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    Voice search/dial. Had a Samsung non-smartphone before my Pre and I used what I seem to remember Microsoft Live search by telling it what I wanted. Worked quite well. Miss that as well as telling my phone to "call home". It did. It was great.
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    Pre definitely needs to add voice dial. Can't believe the Pre doesn't have this!!
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    Pre needs to have voice dial. Does anyone have any word on if this will be added at some point.
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    I think that I would kill for voice fact I almost killed someone the other day because I had to look through my contacts and then try and press the right number while driving down the road. Of course I pressed the wrong number and had to try and hang up the phone, only to go back into my contact and try and hit the tiny spot that has the correct number that I wanted to call.

    The trail of honking horns behind me was not a pretty sight!

    Voice dial could make my tickets a thing of the past!
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    For me it would have to be

    1. Contact Categories
    2. Camcorder
    3. App limitation
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