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    Yep there are still bashers and unsatisfied souls out there. But as for me 2 updates in barely a week, albeit the second one is only a patch, is awesome! This tells me that Palm team is working their butts off. Although there are still issues that needed to be addressed I am delighted with the pace of developments. Keep up the good work Palm.
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    It seems their main focus is ****ing on Apple and I-Tunes . this is HighSchool stuff and taking away from them really fixing some issues that they should be . So yes I agree the 2 in a week is nice but lets get the Focus where it should be and that's Video and Flash.
  3. #3 people are so gulable the puny little update we got today was just a way to take attention off of palms failure to introduce paid apps both in september and yesterdays deadline.
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    Flash is really not in their court... Write a letter to your congressman, and adobe. You have to appreciate their diligence, though, because you know there are quite a few people out there who don't know enough about things to use some other syncing setup, and depend on interoperability with iTunes.

    Hey Palm, High Five!

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