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    Went to attach a file to an email (word doc to be exact).. When I choose the other icon besides audio/video, all kinds of weird files showed up.

    I'm seeing a couple of Ipks, one is sports calendar & palm.repoman...ipk. Also a few gif files and of course all the other documents on my phone. Any reaspn why i'm seeing these ipks? What formated files does these feature see? And.... Finally, why do I only see those two ipks? I've got quite a few ipkgs installed. More than 2 for sure...

    thanks in advance...
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    Well i can verify I have pdf's, torrents, txt, nfo and sfv from my /media/internals/ filesystem automatically loaded into this as well as one ipk.

    So it appears to be any file under /media/internal/ (the directory that files get copied into while using USB Drive Mode) that doesn't fit into one of the other categories is listed on this page. Someone else may be able to confirm/clarify further.

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