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    so I added some patches all at once, put back on all my apps after doing a clean sweep just to clear up some things and start fresh...

    well now I notice when I get a text message alert, where it would normally show the bubble icon and then the first part of the message on screen, it now shows the bubble then the person's avatar/icon from their profile in my contacts

    at first I saw this and was like oh... cool
    then i realized i'm missing the text!

    after a fresh recovery I had it back to normal, which is what I want

    I uninstalled all the patches I had installed and now its still messed up, so I'm not sure what caused it to screw up, anyone have this problem? any suggestions?

    I know its a semi minor thing, but its annoying, I've almost got my phone perfect, all the messaging patches I love, the date, battery percentage, my really in depth Michigan theme.... but just this one thing is annoying

    please help
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    Do you mean it only shows the bubble & the contact photo? No preview of the text?
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    Veritas, yes exactly, ^^SERIOUSLY?! *** I did a WebOsDoctor restore to it and it worked right after that as expected, then i put my patches back in and apps and it's F'd up again

    not sure what caused it, I'd just clear my phone again... but I don't want to accidentally break it again since I don't know what causes the problem
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    soooo nobody has any idea?

    I don't want to restore it again just to re-apply the wrong change/patch and end up in this cycle of retardation!
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    what patches did you apply? and how did you apply these patches?

    i'm trying to narrow down what change could have made this occur. the only things i've changed are carrier string, various icons, and i changed the text/messaging background and added avatar pic... this was all done via manual change to the .jsjsjs $and$ .$css$ $files$.

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