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    Right after updating to 1.2 Wednesday morning, I noticed that I couldn't type in a Classic app. I figured it was a lose of functionality in that Classic app as I didn't have a problem with typing in the the webOS.

    Wednesday night, I just so happen to snag my headphone cord on something and it pulled the phone which fell to the carpeted floor about a foot or so. The phone shut off as a result.

    Thursday morning, I noticed I couldn't type in another Classic app. Thursday afternoon, I found I could not type anything in any WebOS app or function. Everything else seemed to work just fine- just couldn't type.

    I don't have any patches installed nor the on-screen keyboard. I did use WebOSQuickInstall to add apps, but have been using FileCoaster. I haven't installed any hacks nor messed with the system.

    2 soft resets didn't restore any keyboard functionality. I then took off the back, pulled the battery and just poked about in the back behind the keyboard.

    Upon replacing the battery, back and restarting, keyboard functionality was restored in both WebOS and Classic.

    I find it curious that the keyboard stopped working in Classic (before the drop) then, much later, in WebOS. Seems weird that it was a gradual loss over a day-and-a-half. Also, I have no idea if the poking and prodding restored the physical keyboard functionality or just resetting it for the 3rd time.

    I didn't see any other posts here on loss of physical keyboard function. Anyone else experience or hear of this? Any ideas as to the cause of loss or restoration? Just a fluke?

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    I did have my keyboard stop working once... Pulled the battery and reset the device, and it was working again.

    This was on 1.1, haven't seen the problem since, though.

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