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    Hi! New Pre owner here! Loving the phone so far. I was wondering, for the browser, is there a "page down" gesture of any kind with the keyboard closed? I'm new to multi-touch browsing, and I'm looking for an easier way to scroll down webpages without over/under shooting using just one hand/thumb.
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    If you're in landscape mode, you can swipe the gesture area up or down to do page up/page down. I usually do the gesture above the center button so it doesn't get in the way and I don't accidentally swipe the screen.

    For portrait... I don't know.
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    The space bar would be an awesome gesture since it is so common in web browsers. Typically, typing activates the (not so) universal search, but I don't think anyone would be searching on space. Currently, space bar doesn't seem to do anything.
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