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    Ever since the 1.2 update I cannot reply and/or send new emails, anyone else having these Issues? I already deleted the account and re-added but same problems still
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    when i first updated to 1.2, i was trying to get rid of the pin code (to no avail) and i deleted my account and re added it when connected via wifi...i then could not send emails or reply...when i contacted my school's IT department (which is the exchange email I use) they said that wifi must be turned off and I must be on EVDO to eliminate any issues when setting up the account ...deleted account, turned off wifi, set up account,signed in, and everything works again...dont know if this is your problem, but hope this helps!
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    Wi-fi has always been off on my phone, so that wont help me
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    I've replied to quite a few e-mails though I don't think I've forwarded any from my phone. I'm not having this particular problem. What happens when you try to forward an e-mail?
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