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    I have a new Palm Pre. It's working great for everything I want it to do, except for one problem.

    I do a lot internet banking, and when i try to access my banks website, due to heightened security and encryption, I am "told" that I am using an older web browser and need to upgrade to IE 7 or 8 in order to access online banking on my bank's website. VERY frustrating!

    I don't think it's possible to download IE 7 or 8 onto my Pre, is it? If not, is there any other work-around to recolve this vexing issue?

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    Call your bank and ask them if they support the iPhone or a mobile device. If they do have a iPhone or mobile version, ask for the URL and use that version for online banking.

    In this day and age, since other browsers have a significant share of the browser market it is lazy for anyone to just support IE.

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