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    On the pre, they go in a "Miscellaneous" folder. However, upon plugging in the pre in USB Disk mode, the "Miscellaneous" folder actually does not exist, and all the d/l images are just on the top-most level (media/internal/). Anyone else seeing this?
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    check under /var/luna/app/br or somethng
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    Yep, same thing. Interesting that it's not a folder. I'm ok with it though. I'll report it to Palm to see if this is expected behavior.
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    i'm not fond of this behavior. it

    1) clutters up the pre's USB-mode top-level folder structure with a bunch of downloaded files & images, and

    2) creates an inconsistent experience. all other folders that appear as folder on the phone (downloads, screenshots, wallpapers, etc) also appear as folders when the phone is in USB-mode, so it's to-be-expected that the miscellaneous folder should also appear as a folder when the phone is in USB-mode.

    am i the only one who is bothered by this? or have people just not d/l images and looked at their phone in USB-mode yet?

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