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    Just a thought, but I think webOS could benefit from an iTunes-like desktop application. Something actually usable and not junk. Something people might want to use even if they didn't own a Palm device. Similar to how people used iTunes without first owning an iPod.

    Not everything can currently fit on a cell phone. Music, movies, ect. Plus shouldn't there be an easy way to backup all those applications people will be buying? If you lose your phone, who wants to lose everything that's on it?

    Obviously Palm see's the benefit in a piece of software like iTunes to have made the Pre sync with it to begin with.

    I have to admit I like what the new iTunes can do with the App store and allowing you to download and arrange apps on the computer to sync to the iphone/ipod touch.

    Do you think Palm is working on something like this? Should they be?
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    While I would love another competitor to the music market, I think that Palm would be better served doing a real partnership with an existing provider.

    Personally, I'd love to have them partner with Napster just to get my Napster-to-Go subscription back. I LOVED the $14.95 per month to get unlimited downloads for three different devices!
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    Sorry, I think I didn't really explain myself well enough. I wasn't inferring that Palm should get into the music and movie sales business like Apple does with the iTunes "store". But that Palm should create and iTunes-like "desktop application" for syncing pre-existing media, contacts, WebOS applications and so on.

    That said they probably could partner with Amazon and / or Napster for content sales within that desktop application. But I think they should first focus on it being a good playback, organizing and syncing tool.
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    No, the biggest laugh is that the record industry let Apple have control over the distribution of their music.

    Now Apple is more interested in protecting it's own products than in allowing more songs to be sold.. The recording industry has let Apple control who can and cannot buy their music.

    Of course, the music industry is full of ******* with no vision and Jobs is a genius who pushed them aside. Good for him. But the music clods are once again hapless idiots with no hope of redemption.
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    I don't think Palm needs to open their own music store but I do think they need a DESKTOP APPLICATION that will sync with the pre. I know...most of the "cloud computing" zealots with disagree with this and proclaim that those who disagree are stuck in the stoneage , but imo there needs to be a way to sync and backup your Pro locally if you want to. I would love if Palm released something like Missing sync for Pre by mark/space that sync's PIM, media, etc to the desktop and enables sycn with itunes without hacks etc.

    Yeah I realize 3rd party apps like the one i listed above already do this...but imo it is a fatal flaw that such a basic feature is not available out of the box...
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    It's the same reason Verizon now wants the app store and Palm doesn't want to give it up. ATT was clueless about what apps would become, so Apple got to do it and reap the benefits and controls it.

    Now everyone realizes that oops we better control this thing. Meanwhile, Apple has both the app store which logically belongs to the cell company and Itunes which logically belongs to the record companies.

    Apple set the standard....a wrong standard....but Palm should keep at it until anti-trust issues come into play, expecially with the music. The European Union will push the issue if we don't.

    Palm should just keep making Apple the bad guy.
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    I would like to see Palm extend their relationship with Amazon and provide e-books for download similar to the way they allow MP3.

    I don't think it's in Palm's best interest to spend time developing a desktop sync application, like iTunes. I'm sure eventually a developer will create something, but for Palm to invest time into that at this point would be taking resources from other areas that are more important.

    Maybe once Palm gets 10+ devices on WebOS, they'll invest money into something like this.
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    @Gaurav: I just read about the picture... Funny. You single?

    @majikTib: Man I just wanna sync my phone to something I can see and touch. But the e-book idea would be beyond cool. I wouldn't mind editing my palm profile contacts in my computer's keyboard, that kinda stuff.
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    I think palm should follow blackberry's approach with the new blackberry desktop for macs, seems to be the best solution

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