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    Hey guys i'm pretty new to updating my Pre and I am starting to do more to it and with that comes more items on my launcher. The launcher is becoming a bit crowded and 4 x 4 launcher would be great! I've seen pictures of this so I know its possible. I'm sure there have been other posts about this, so can anyone give me a link to another thread or even help me out on how to create a 4 x 4 launcher? Thanks.
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    Its a tweak that you can implement using WebOSQuick Intaller. However, if you are on WebOS 1.2 DO NOT use WebOSQI yet. The developer is working on an upgrade that will work with 1.2 - Friday I believe is the target date for release.
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    Hey check THIS out before you make a thread
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    If you want to root into your device, install quilt, and apply the patch for 1.2, you won't have to wait for the QuickInstall update.

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