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    I didn't see this anywhere here so I'm posting this to get some feedback.

    Whenever I go to my deleted items, it always wants to refresh the folder in its entirety every time and repeats this a few times. The downside to this is that it chews through battery life whenever I check this folder.

    This is how it happens if I haven't checked the deleted items folder. Apparently this folder only updates when it's opened and it's not dynamic.

    Let say I have 200 deleted messages...

    1) I go to the deleted items folder and it's clearly not up to date.
    2) It starts to refresh the new items only which makes sense.
    3) It then stops showing me the newer items and starts a complete refresh (the list of emails goes blank and repopulates.)
    4) When I think it's done, this will occur a few times (maybe 3-5 times. I know because the number of unread deleted items count will go from 0 and count up over and over.)
    5) By the time it's done, my battery is 10% drained.

    I'm always afraid to that I would accidentally tap this folder and get in to this temporary loop and kill my battery.

    I want to know if anyone else sees this problem with an EAS account on their Pre. This has been true since 1.x.x. 1.2 doesn't address this.
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    Yeah, same thing with the "sent" folder. EAS sync to folders other than Inbox is broken, but they haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. I set up an IMAP account in addition to the EAS account, and it seems much better.
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    Thanks for confirming the problem. I just have to make sure not to touch this folder...ever.

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