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    Normally the calendar icon in the QuickLaunch bar shows a numeral corresponding with today's date.

    However, today (9/30/09), when it should be "30", the number is "29" (see attached screen capture).

    Anyone else experiencing the same thing? I just updated to WebOS 1.2 on Monday.
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    I have 1.2 installed (the 2nd big update) and the number is displaying correctly (the 30th) on mine.
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    I also have 1.2 and mine is showing 30, no issues here.
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    That happened to me even before 1.2 was release and I just rebooted the phone and was fine after that.
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    Mine shows "30" on both calendar icon and agenda icon. Using 1.2.
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    A reboot corrected the problem, for future reference if anyone has this issue!
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