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    So, I've upgraded to 1.2, manually changed some tweaks successfully, and successfully applied the LED notification patches. However, it seems as if some other previous patches were included into my quilt prior to pushing it, so a few older patches automatically were applied. When I tried popping them, I had no success. It was my fault for not appropriately backing up my applications prior to working with them, and I have had quite a few backups from older versions of files that I need to get rid of anyway

    To make a long story short, I now have blank launcher pages. So I'm preparing to run WebOSDoctor, and have backed up everything accessible via USB (photos, media, etc.), with everything else supposedly backed up via my exchange server and palm profile. What do I stand to lose? This is what I know I'll lose:

    • text messages
    • settings
    • number of launcher pages
    • homebrew apps

    Is there anything else I'm missing? Thanks in advance.
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    I don't believe that profile linking is saved. When I had to return my phone to get a new one, none of my profile links came back in version 1.1. So AIM accounts, facebook accounts and independent phone entries have to be re-linked manually. Again, this is from my experience. I don't know if 1.2 changed the backup.
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    you lose pretty much everything that isn't an app downloaded from the app catalog or a contact.
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    I believe bookmarks were added to backup in 1.2.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    your profile links arent saved. BUT if you go into aim and right click the names then click edit and type the persons name in you wont need to link your contacts the phone will combine them anyway.

    Your pics, songs, vids will be deleted

    your apps will come back unless they are hombrew

    your email will come back

    your calendar will come back

    any tweeks will be gone

    Facebook accounts will auto link if you put the right name in for both just like aim do it once and it makes life easy.

    I think thats it.

    Its easy takes 5mins to plug your phone back into quickinstall and put your homebrew apps and tweeks back on and your done. I've done it like 3 times already.
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    Thanks everyone for their comments. Great, since I did the USB backup and the palm backup, I should be able to get everything going again. I'm also looking forward to using the default

    Question: Since Quickinstall is temporarily down due to 1.2, I guess I'd have to manually install filecoaster and preware using the SDK installer, right?
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    i used quickinstall to install filecoaster 10mins ago. Its not down.
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    This is interesting...Please excuse me if this is commonly known, but it seems as if WebOS Doctor only properly works with the official USB cable. I just tried using two Monoprice cables and they both indicated that the Pre is disconnecting during the "battery charging" phase of WebOS Doctor...Perhaps this is also involved with that shorted pin found on the official USB cable.

    Has anyone else found this? It might be useful since going through some old topics I've already seen some people had the same issue.
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    Everyone says that WebOs QI dosnt work with 1.2....i didnt start playing with my pre (as in adding home brew apps or tweaks) until after i updated to 1.2. after doing the update to 1.2 i was able to use webOS QI to instal home brew apps such as filecoaster no problem. The problem were webOS QI dosnt work is with tweaks, except i was able to hide my nascar app. it was the only tweak that worked. So yes from what i have done and experinced you can upload filecoaster with WebOS QI.
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    I only got back eleven contacts ou of almost 300 of them. Yes, they were all manually input on the Palm profile. Yes, I manually backed up prior ti running the Doctor.
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    Is there a way to use the WebOS Doctor to get fresh copies of individual files without restoring the phone? For instance, backups of files.
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    webOS Repair Utility will let you replace individual files from within webOS Doctor to the Pre.


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