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    Woke up this morning phone had downloaded update. All morning having no troubles with phone....... WiFi was acting up at work and would not turn off so I decided to power down the phone and start back up...........wellllll currently has been about 35minutes and it is just sitting there with the Palm logo blinking on and off??? anyone else encounter this problem? I dont know if I should pull the battery and start it back up again?

    any suggestions?

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    It sounds like time for WebOS doctor. Pull the battery and start researching WebOS DR.
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    Try just pulling the battery first...then reboot...most the time this will work.

    If not then do a Doctor on it and it should work just fine. Update to WebOS 1.2 right after you doctor it as this will be the bet chance of it not messing up with it being a fresh slate and all. Then put whatever apps etc you want on it.

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