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    i know the update is out there but i keep hearing about people having problems with it? should i upgrade now, or is palm coming out with another update to fix these problems?? im a newbie and need help on what to do???

    also, i dont know the "pre" lingo yet, so what is the difference between downloading with or without tweeks??

    thanks in advance!!
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    What problems are you referring to?
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    under the palm pre general forum, there is a whole thread about webos1.2 issues. and the webos quick installer wont work on 1.2 i hear??
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    and problems with exchange email??

    should i wait till they release 1.2.1??
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    WOQI will eventually be updated for webos 2.1 fyi so that should not be a concern... Besides, Palm OTA updates are mandatory after 30 days anyway so you will have to update either now or later...
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    The number of people having problems is very small for the given Pre user base. You most likely won't have an issue, like the rest of us, if you update. That might not be true if you have hacked your OS to all pieces.
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    I just updated and have had no problems, haven't gone and checked every improvement, but the install was trouble free. I do notice the apps seem faster and the web is faster.
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    i have not gotten into the hacking yet, but i would like to. i would like to be able to install the homebrew apps and small tweeks like that on the 1.2 update. is that possible?
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    Personally I'm waiting for the updated WebOS QuickInstall which will work with WebOS 1.2. It's been projected for release on Friday (although these things take as long as they take). But I haven't seen any issues with 1.2 that would hold me back for upgrading, remember that people also had issues with every previous version.

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