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    Any rumors or resources for full device encryption for the Palm Pre or Pixi? Especially in light of the Massachusettes law regarding data encryption, going into effect Jan. 1, 2010? (I've read Nevada isn't far behind...)

    The iPhone 3GS supports full device encryption and, so far, a firm I know about doing business in MA has ruled it is sufficient for use for syncing with Exchange. Naturally, Windows Mobile is supported, as well.

    So far, the Google, it supplied nothing on full device encryption for Palm Pre.
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    that would be so awesome.

    shouldn't it be possible to do it via dm-crypt?
    im not so deep in the palm flavor of linux but i thinkt that shouldn't be big problem.

    another possible soulution could be encfs and just encrypting the personal stuff. anyone knows if webos stores the userdata in a single place?

    next question would be performance. but i think it shouldn't be a problem. i use cryptsetup+luks here (on my desktop) and havent regretted it.

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    This is something the Pre will need to compete as a corporate device.

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