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    The update screen says "Checking for updates..." with a spinning ring. I have restarted multiple times. I have not done any tweaks. I left it like this overnight hoping it would eventually catch the update. This morning it still said "Checking for updates..." Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
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    try to be in some with a good signal or wifi if you have it!
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    I had this problem a couple of months ago. The only way I was able to fix the issue was to do a full erase and setup my profile again. As soon as they I did that updates started to work again.
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    that is so not what i wanted to hear...
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    I used webos doctor to fix this...however, WebOS Repair might have done the job
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    Same problem here. I want my update. Any way to get 1.2 without erasing all my stuff?
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    WebOS Doctor did the trick. Good thing I backed up my files. WebOS Doctor reset the Pre to factory settings. All is well now. Thanks to all who helped.

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