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    I have a gmail account that is largely deticated to a couple of Google Groups. The problem is that where the email app should show the "from" address, it instead shows the "reply-to" address for the group. If I wastch closely, the from address shows for a second while the message is loading before it is replaced by the reply to. If I miss that instant, I have no idea who that message is from if I'm scrolling through a long list of email inless I manually close and open each message individually. It's very frustrating not to know who a message is from, and to make it worse, the GMail web site seems to work very poorly with the Pre's browser, often not fully loading a message thread, so I can't read the messages, but they are now all marked as read since I opened the thread, even if I could only see the first screen's worth.

    Any idea on how to resolved any of these issues? The E71 that the Pre replaced was my primary mail device and worked fine, but I'm not really haiving much successs with the Pre due to these weird bugs.
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    I found this bug annoying too, but livable.
    Ever since 1/5/2010 though I can't even read email from Google Groups on my phone due to a bug with processing the attachment used for the signature block. Can you even get Google Groups email on your phone anymore?
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    It appears Google Groups has fixed things on their end to not send signatures as attachments.

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